[OVAL REPOSITORY] "identity constraint key for element 'oval_definitions' not found" error validating XML schema

Max Sprauer Max.Sprauer at software.dell.com
Thu Aug 18 16:53:06 EDT 2016

Hello all, 

I use the individual 5.10 Windows vulnerability definition files (https://oval.cisecurity.org/repository/download/5.10/vulnerability) with the reference OVAL Interpreter version 5.10.1. 

Lately, almost every Windows vulnerability definition file fails schema validation (see example of output below).  Do I need to get an updated schema file, or is it a problem with the XML itself? 

Thank you, 
  Max Sprauer 

>ovaldi -m -c -o microsoft_windows_10.xml 

OVAL Definition Interpreter 
Version: 5.10.1 Build: 7 
Build date: Apr  6 2015 14:48:26 
Copyright (c) 2002-2014 - The MITRE Corporation 

Start Time: Thu Aug 18 16:35:09 2016 

 ** parsing microsoft_windows_10.xml file. 
    - validating xml schema. 
Error while parsing xml file: 
        Severity: Error 
        Message: identity constraint key for element 'oval_definitions' not found 
        File: C:\ProgramData\Dell\KACE\kbots_cache\packages\kbots\9\oval64/microsoft_windows_10.xml 
        Line 36161 
        At char 20 


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