[OVAL REPOSITORY] Repository is missing oval:org.cisecurity:obj:3210

David Solin solin at jovalcm.com
Fri May 27 12:24:28 EDT 2016

I also just noticed that object oval:org.cisecurity:obj:3230, referenced by oval:org.cisecurity:var:33 is also missing.

Perhaps there are other errors as well?  It seems we really need to improve the submission validation process, or the oval definition/test/object/state mappings to the org.cisecurity namespace, or something!

Best regards,
—David Solin

> On May 27, 2016, at 11:16 AM, David Solin <solin at jovalcm.com> wrote:
> This object is referenced by the variable oval:org.cisecurity:var:32.
> Can we please get this fixed?
> Thanks!
> —David Solin
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