[OVAL DEVELOPER] Preparing for Stable Release in February 2021

Adam Montville Adam.Montville at cisecurity.org
Mon Oct 26 09:06:34 EDT 2020


Bill Munyan did some legwork on new work in the development branch (i.e. candidates for moving to stable). Some of the following are new, and others are updates to existing schemas.

- kernelmodule_test
- sestatus_test

- (update) accountinfo_test
- diskinfo_test
- disabledservice_test
- filevault_test
- firmwarepassword_test
- (update) gatekeeper_test
- installhistory_test
- nvram512_test
- profiles_test
- pwpolicy512_test
- (update) rlimit_test

First, I’d like to validate this list with the community, so please respond with any corrections. When we have the right list, we’ll start looking for qualifying implementations between now and the February 2021 release.

Second, I’m proposing that we create a “release process” (or similar) issue type in GitHub, so that we can create issues related to stable releases each February and August. We could, for example, put this list in an appropriately labeled issue and track it from there. Open to suggestions on better ways to corral the work. Thoughts?

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