[OVAL DEVELOPER] FW: MacOS Gatekeeper test - Any design docs, anywhere?

David Solin solin at jovalcm.com
Thu Jan 31 14:22:29 EST 2019

Hi John,

This is one of the tests I added to make it possible to convert the CIS guidance on MacOSX into pure OVAL!  Sorry I didn’t document it very well… you can always submit a PR to update it. ;)

Anyway, the enabled item entity maps to the result of the command “spctl --status”.  You can find any unlabeled (unsigned) applications using “spctl --list | grep -i unlabeled”.

For more info, see:

Best regards,
—David Solin

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> Morning All,
> Does anyone know where I can find some design/intended-use docs for the MacOS Gatekeeper test?  The schema are a little vague.
> Thanks
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