[OVAL DEVELOPER] MAC OSX Gatekeeper test?

William Munyan William.Munyan at cisecurity.org
Tue Apr 12 16:35:23 EDT 2016

Is there specific information you'd like to know about the gatekeeper test?  I have attached a sample OVAL Definitions file and OVAL Results from one of our test machines.  If you have any specific questions about implementation or what-not, we can certainly keep chatting!

Just change the attached file back to ".zip" and you're good-to-go.

-Bill Munyan (CIS)

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Hello All,

Anyone know where there is more information/details on the Mac OSX Gatekeeper test/object/state/items?  The example on github has an item with results of status "not applicable."


John Ulmer
SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic
John.Ulmer at navy.mil


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