[OVAL DEVELOPER] Userright Test Update Request - Full Proposal Dated 01-20-2016

Wilson, Bryan L CIV SPAWARSYSCEN-ATLANTIC, 58600 bryan.l.wilson at navy.mil
Thu Jan 21 09:48:41 EST 2016

Please review attached PDF for this requested update.

This email contains 2 attachments.

1) win-def_userright_updates_2016.pdf

  *   Same document I sent yesterday.  No updates or modifications made, dated 01-20-2016

2) win-def_userright_schema_content_and_results.change2zip

  *   Save the file and change extension from "change2zip" to "zip"
  *   The zip file contains the following:
     *   Example Content
        *   userright_test-oval_Prototype_ForForum.xml
        *   userright_test-oval_Prototype_ForForum_SQLUpdate.xml
     *   Schema Changes
        *   userright_updates_windows-definitions-schema.xsd
        *   userright_updates_windows-system-characteristics-schema.xsd
     *   Example Results
        *   Example 1
           *   Host1_SCC-4.1_16-01-12_2016-01-13_093006_All-Settings_userright_test-oval_Prototype_ForForum.htm
           *   Host1_SCC-4.1_16-01-12_2016-01-13_093006_OVAL-Results_userright_test-oval_Prototype_ForForum.xml
           *   Host1_SCC-4.1_16-01-12_2016-01-13_093006_OVAL-Variables_userright_test-oval_Prototype_ForForum.xml
        *   Example 2
           *   Host1_SCC-4.1_16-01-12_2016-01-13_095109_All-Settings_userright_test-oval_Prototype_ForForum.htm
           *   Host1_SCC-4.1_16-01-12_2016-01-13_095109_OVAL-Results_userright_test-oval_Prototype_ForForum.xml
           *   Host1_SCC-4.1_16-01-12_2016-01-13_095109_OVAL-Variables_userright_test-oval_Prototype_ForForum.xml
        *   Example 3a
           *   IISSQLServer_SCC-4.1_DEV21_2016-01-13_150031_All-Settings_userright_test-oval_Prototype_ForForum.htm
           *   IISSQLServer_SCC-4.1_DEV21_2016-01-13_150031_OVAL-Results_userright_test-oval_Prototype_ForForum.xml
           *   IISSQLServer_SCC-4.1_DEV21_2016-01-13_150031_OVAL-Variables_userright_test-oval_Prototype_ForForum.xml
        *   Example 3b
           *   IISSQLServer_SCC-4.1_16-01-12_2016-01-13_103709_All-Settings_userright_test-oval_Prototype_ForForum_SQLUpdate.htm
           *   IISSQLServer_SCC-4.1_16-01-12_2016-01-13_103709_OVAL-Results_userright_test-oval_Prototype_ForForum_SQLUpdate.xml
           *   IISSQLServer_SCC-4.1_16-01-12_2016-01-13_103709_OVAL-Variables_userright_test-oval_Prototype_ForForum_SQLUpdate.xml

Bryan Wilson
Computer Engineer
SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic
Bryan.L.Wilson at Navy.mil<mailto:Bryan.L.Wilson at Navy.mil>
From: David Solin [solin at jovalcm.com]
Sent: Wednesday, January 20, 2016 5:21 PM
Cc: OVAL_Developer at lists.cisecurity.org
Subject: [Non-DoD Source] Re: [OVAL DEVELOPER] Userright Test Update Request

Hi Bryan,

The Github site you referenced is owned by MITRE, who no longer moderate the development of the OVAL language.  The language is now curated directly by the community.  We have been working on a new process for proposing changes to the language, and it will likely involve a repository hosted on Github, but that process has not been finalized yet.

Until it is ready, I don’t see any reason why your proposal shouldn’t be discussed entirely on this list.

Best regards,
—David A. Solin
Co-Founder, Research & Technology
solin at jovalcm.com

> On Jan 20, 2016, at 1:41 PM, Wilson, Bryan L CIV SPAWARSYSCEN-ATLANTIC, 58600 <bryan.l.wilson at navy.mil> wrote:
> Please review attached pdf file regarding userright update to OVAL 5.11.  Please note this document in itself is not complete.  I want to include a zip file as well.  The contents of this zip file are defined in the document.
> From what I understand the new process is to utilize github.  I have created an account there and per instruction on:  https://github.com/OVALProject/Language/wiki .......
> It appears I should:
> 2.Create a new issue to request a new feature or to report a bug in the OVAL Language Tracker
> Please confirm that is the full process and that I can attach this PDF and Zip file for full review
> Bryan Wilson
> SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic
> 8432184316
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